Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome all!

Greetings folks, and welcome to the first post in my new photo-blog! The goal and aim for this blog is to showcase some work, and keep everyone updated on my latest photography projects. Check back often for updates, specials, upcoming projects, and any other interesting happenings in the world of photography.

I am, of course, always for hire. If you would like to see a portfolio, I've got a website you can check out at Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding rates, or if you have any questions.

I've recently started to re-visit some of my older works, paying special attention to Heather and Sarah's vintage shoot. I threw this mock coca-cola ad together in photoshop with a snap from our photoshoot, and was very happy with the results. Heather makes an adorable coca-cola girl!

I've got a few ideas for books I've been brainstorming, and I hope to get started on those very soon. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress.

Lastly, I'll be photographing some kitchens for a lovely little company called Living Lighting next week. They're building a website and they needed some professional shots to showcase. I'm very excited. It's going to be a fun project.

On that note, I'll end my first post, and the beginning of my foray into blogging. I look forward to sharing this experience with you! Check back soon!

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